• How can I order a custom blade?

    Every knife you choose to order from our Webstore is custom made. We dont have Knives in stock.

  • Who are your dealers?

    You can check the officials dealers here

  • What shows do you attend?

    Currently I attend the “blade show” in Atlanta, Georgia (in Jun). I will try to attend more in Europe and USA.

  • Why so much waiting time, How can I get one of your knives?

    We make handmade knives. Every knife is different and is a challenge. We can not rush it because mistakes happen. There is no way we will deliver you a knife that doesn’t keep to our standards! In case, you can not wait you can check our official dealers for knives they have in stock.

  • I have seen other models of your knives that are not pictured here… Where are they at?

    Certain models have been put on hold to focus on getting the most popular models out first. Chances are that you will see them again in the near future.

  • What is the standard finish on a knife?

    The standard finish is Gun Blue finish or Cerakote.

  • What steels do you use?

    Currently O1 tool steel and CPM-S35VN.

  • How much is shipping for a knife?

    You can see it in the checkout.